2013. március 18., hétfő

The best soup I've ever "tasted"!

So I checked my mailbox today and it was empty... My dear partner had to send me a second package, because the first one never got here (hugs and kisses for doing that and for being so kind, my dear friend!). And I began to worry if that's what's going to happen to my second package too. But faith was too kind for me today, and my lovely neighbour was knocking on my door a few minutes earlier with my HUGE package! I got sooo excited, I didn't even care about my dinner anymore (which is a pretty big thing around here.... lol). So I opened it and there they were! 

 Oh-My-God!!!! Look at how many of these little packages are there! It's like heaven in a box... 

Check out that cool lampwork! Isn't it amazing? It's huge, and detailed, and beautiful, and shiny, and oh... I just LOVE it!!!! Not to mention the little donuts and the seed beads!

Well, if I haven't mentioned it yet, I love working with metal findings. And I love silver, gunmetal, grey in general. These are sooooo awsome!

I'm sorry for the poor quality of the pictures, but I just couldn't wait 'till tomorow for the sunshine (not if there were any these days around here... it's still snowing! It's March, for crying out loud! We want spring!) Anyways.... Here comes the good part.... get ready!

There were two other amazing lampwork beads!!! I can't even find any words to describe how insanely happy I am with these gorgeouse beads!

It's so big! I'm totally amazed by the size (and the beautiful details of course). For some reason, I usually use smaller beads in my desigs, but this is a great opportunity to think out of the box and create something with this masterpiece. The colors are much more vivid and you can't see all the amazing details on this picture, but I promise, I'll show it again next time!

Now I just have to come up with something wothy for these breathtaking creations.
Thank you so much Shae! I'm sure I have the best BSBP partner ever!

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