2014. május 10., szombat

BSBP reveal day!

This is my second BSBP party and I had quite a challange this year. My partner, Dorota is from Poland and she sent me a huge and wonderful soup (click here to see!). I sent her a smaller package, but when I saw all the goodies in my soup, I wanted to add something more to mine. And good thing I did, because my first package got lost :( I am so sorry, because it had some really cool stuff in it, things that had special meaning to me, hand made beads and cabochons for example... This was my first soup that I sent: 

I hope that somebody found it in the post office and it didn't ended up in a garbage can :'(

My second package got there in time (this time I asked for a special delivery with a tracking number). Thi is the second soup I sent, the one that arrived to my partner:

There you can see some shibori ribbon (that I made from a plain silk scarf), some beads and cabochons, a few soutache cabochons (also made by me), a few vintage buttons and a metal base for a cuff bracelet. Unfortunately, the clasp was in the first package... :( So I don't know if I'm banned from the whole BSBP now, but maybe you could use the buttons as clasps...? Anyway, I'm really looking forward to see what she created with my soup. 

And now it's time to show you my creations. First, I have to admit, that this year was a huge challenge for me. I usally work with smaller beads, seed beads, with peyote or RAW technique, soutache or bead embroidery. So working with bigger beads and a huge clasp was really out of the box for me, for which I'm thankful to my partner, because otherwise I might not try this technique on my own and I have to tell you, I had a lot of fun making these!

This one is my favourite. I loved those doughnut beads and I happened to have the same sized bead caps, so it was a match made in heaven. I just added another, flower petal-like beadcap and a small Czech polished bead to it and it is good to go! Love it. 

 Plain and green. What more do you need for a pair of jeans and T-shirt?

 Again with the huge doughnut beads. Like giant saucers hovering around my beading table.... :) 

Yeah... once I start making earrings, there's no stopping until I make like... 2-3 pairs of them (or in this case, 6... )
And here's the clasp. It's just so beautiful on it's own that I thought it would be great as a focal for the bracelet. I didn't really add much to it, a few beads, seed beads and a few of the freshwater pearls from the soup.
 My soup also contained some of these really interesting beads. They look like little tree logs. 

I just love the color of these beautidul stones. I'm happy that I had the chance to work with wire in these projects, because I'm not really good with wire... it's just not my thing. But in these projects I did a little basic wire wrapping and maybe I'll give wirework a chance later because I really enjoyed it.

Again. Basic and green. Perfect for spring and summer. Added a little spice with the silver focal bead.

Well.... pink and orange are really not my colors. However! I really like this bracelet! It's so feminine, but also very in style and perfect for summer.

This was the first project I started working on. I got some leftover wire in my hands and these beautifully interesting stones and BAM! I couldn't stop until all of them were wire wrapped. Than I added a few jumprings to make a necklace. Really simple, yet so exciting. Can't wait to wear them!

Oh-my-god! When I first saw this GIANT focal I was really excited, yet a little bit intimidated. First I wanted to embellish it with delica beads and than maybe add some more crystals or pearls. But then I tought it would look like a silk dress on The Hulk... :) It needed something more ruff.. The wire is more suitable for this piece - in my opinion. But I also added a necklace made of freshwater pearls, to make it more feminine. 

 Aaaand another earring :D Something really fresh, like a pair orange and lime :)

Last but not least... what could it be...? Oh, yes, another earring! Told you, I couldn't stop... that's why I make bracelets and pendants most of the time. I can't just make one earring... that's like eating a single chip or a piece of popcorn out of the bowl...

So these are my creations for this years BSBP. I hope you liked them! I still have a bunch of beads and strings left, so more pieces to come, but right now I'm on a vacation. So have a great weekend, and please leave a comment and subscribe if you liked my jewellery! :) 

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